Use our FREE mobile app to find class schedules, stay up to date on facility and program announcements, check-in, and so much more! With our free Daxko mobile app, you'll have access to our Y right at your fingertips! This app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

                 IPhone users                                                   
Click the icon belo
w for a direct download           


                Android Users 
Click the icon below for a direct download  


Need help downloading the Daxko App on your mobile device? Follow the steps below! 

Step 1: How to download Daxko app. 
- Iphone users go to the App Store App on your phone 
- Android users go to the Google Play App on your phone 

In the search bar type in "Daxko" 
Select Download or Get to download the Daxko app to your moblie device. 


How to Turn on Notifications 
Once you've downloaded the app, open it. 
When you open the app, the message "Daxko would like to send you notifications" will display on your screen. 
Click "ALLOW" to allow notifications to pop up on your phone regarding class updates, closures, etc. 

How to set the Foundation YMCA as your location
To select the Foundation YMCA as your home YMCA
Search  for "Wilson" and then press enter or return 
Next, you will select Foundation YMCA to set your location.

How to take the App guided tour
After selecting your location, you should receive a message that says: "You have changed the icon for 'Daxko'".
Click OK. ---> This will automatically update the App on your mobile device. 
You can now take the guided tour by clicking "Let's go!" to find all the features, such as schedules, adding your member card, and more.
or click "Skip" to use the app without taking the guided tour.

How to turn on App Notifications 
On the bottom right Select the three little dots with  "More" under them. 
Next, a Tab will pop up on the right side of your phone click on "Preferences" at the bottom of this tab
Next select  "Notifications".
Select Wilson Family YMCA and choose which notifications you would like to receive.

 Gray ---> Notifications are OFF
 Green ---> Notifications are ON


Q. What is the name of the new mobile app?
A. When you first go to download the new app, it will appear as "Daxko" in the App Store or on Google Play.

Q. Will I have to enter my barcode again?
A. Yes, you will need to enter your barcode again. If you entered your barcode in the old app, you can find the number in the old app by going to "Cards" and taking note of the number. If you did not enter your barcode in the old app, you can find your member ID on back of your membership card. Staff can look up the member ID number for members as well.

Q. What if I select the wrong organization?
A. You can reset your selections by choosing More > Preferences > Reset all Settings.

Q. If I have the old app, do I need to install the new app?
A. Yes, the old app is being phased out and will no lonber receive support from the App Store or on Google Play. You will need to download the new app and remove the old app.

Q. How do I know if I have the new version of the app?
A. Open your app and see what the home screen looks like. If the home screen is similar to the image below on the left, then you have the old version of the app and will need to download the new app. If the home screen is similar to the image below on the right, then you have the new version of the app, and no additional action is necessary.

                       OLD APP                                         NEW APP


Questions? Email Grace Poindexter at