Naming Opportunities at the Foundation YMCA

Are you committed to leaving a legacy of wellness in the Wilson community? 
Donors who give leadership gifts have the opportunity to make a portion of the new Foundation YMCA of Wilson on their behalf or in honor/memory of another. Below are the listed naming opportunities available. Please contact the Foundation YMCA of Wilson Executive Director Kathie Davis by phone at 252-291-9622 or by email if you are interested in this opportunity. 

Wellness Center $50,000 FUNDED
Gymnasium  $300,00 FUNDED
YMCA Lobby $150,000 FUNDED
Aquatics Center  $300,000 FUNDED
Indoor Track  $100,000 FUNDED
Large Group Wellness room  $100,000 FUNDED
Cycling Studio  $50,000 FUNDED
Mind-Body Studio $50,000 FUNDED
Administrative Wing $50,000 FUNDED
Personal Trainer's Office  $25,000 FUNDED
Wellness Director's Office $25,000  
Patio $35,000 FUNDED
Plaza $35,000 FUNDED
Multipurpose Room #1 $50,000 FUNDED
Multipurpose Room #2 $50,000  
Intergen Space $50,000 FUNDED
Locker Rooms (3) $50,000  
Child Watch  $50,000  
Kids Adventure $50,000 FUNDED
Kitchen $50,000  
Caregivers Room  $15,000 FUNDED
Assessment Office  $15,000 FUNDED
Y-GIG Classrooms (4) $25,000  
Y-GIG Landing (Lower Level) $35,000  
Y-GIG Landing (Upper Level) $35,000