Confidence in the water

Swimming is a life skill as well as great exercise and a challenging sport. Swim 7 days a week year-round in our heated, indoor pools! Check out the variety of options we have for staying active in our pools.  

Please be mindful of the weather! At the sound of thunder, pools, and pool decks will close immediately and all activities will remain suspended for 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard, as prescribed by the National Lightning Safety Institute.

Our Pools 

8 Lane Competition Pool 

  • Remains between the 79 and 82 degree temperature range (usually 82) year-round.
  • Primarily used for lap swim, open swim, and swim team practice.
  • Our competition pool offers an indoor aquatic fitness option for the city of Wilson!

Warm Water Warm-Up Pool

  • remains between the 86 and 88degree temperature range (usually 86)
  • primarily used for aqua aerobics, swim lessons (when offered), and many other shallow water activities.
  • From water walking for rehabilitation, to open swim with your children, we have activities for all that are customizable to your needs!

Aquatic Activities:

  • Independent Aqua Aerobics: This program is an opportunity to enjoy self-guided and paced aerobic activity. Work your muscles without additional strain on your joints in our 86 degree warm up pool. During this program participants will have the access to traditional aqua aerobics equipment (i.e. Resistance Dumbbells and Noodles) as well as other water fitness equipment (i.e. kickboards and pull buoys). 
  • Aqua Aerobics: low to moderate intensity, low impact class that offers weight training and cardio workouts in the water. These water-based aerobic classes offer the opportunity to build/maintain muscle mass and improve mobility, flexibility, and endurance while still being restorative in nature
  • Aqua Zumba: low impact fun-filled dancing in the pool- all levels can do this fun workout.
  • Lap Swim: Lap Swim is held in the competition pool and offers an opportunity to participants to swim or walk laps. Many utilize this time to perform more strenuous swimming activities. Kickboards and Pull Buoys are provided during this program.
  • Open Swim: Open swim is an opportunity in which the pools are open for a wider variety of use (i.e. play, swimming, walking, etc). Many families choose to come during this time for active play. Diving rings and pool noodles are also available during this time.

Lightning Protocol

Why do we need to get out of the indoor pool when there is lightning outside? 

Both the Red Cross and the National Weather Service advise to stay away from metal and water sources during a thunderstorm.  This applies for both outdoor and indoor pools, even showers and baths.  Here at the Y, our first concern is the safety of all of our patrons.  In the event of a thunderstorm, clearing the pool, pool deck and sauna is the best way to ensure that all patrons are safe and remain so during the weather event.  

Pool Rules