Q: My child attends a private/charter/homeschooled school. Will they be able to participate in Y-GIG? 
A: Yes. Y-GIG extends enrollment to any middle school-aged student who resides or attends a Wilson, North Carolina school. However, private, charter or homeschooled students must assume responsibility for transportation to and from Y-GIG.


Q: My child has other obligations after school. Will they still be able to attend Y-GIG on the days they have no obligations?
A: Yes. Y-GIG offers full-time and part-time enrollment for all of our families. With part-time enrollment, families can opt to sign up for individual programs at $20 per program. 

Q: I am unable to transport my children to Y-GIG. Will there be transportation provided? 
A: Students in Wilson County Public Schools will have on-site transportation. However, private, charter, and homeschooled students must provide transportation. 

Q: What are the programming fees for families wanting to enroll in Y-GIG?
A: Y-GIG provides a sliding scale to support families with more than one child attending and meet their income needs. 

Q: What are the hours of operation?
A: Y-GIG operates Monday through Friday from 3:30 p.m. - 6:00/6:30 p.m.

Q: What are the areas of programming that my child can choose from?
A: Y-GIG offers programming in the following areas: academics, arts and humanities, college and career, health and wellness, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). 

Q: Will there be programming on teacher workdays?
A: Y-GIG follows the Wilson County Public Schools calendar, so our programming will operate when students are in school. 

Q: Will my child have tutoring opportunities?
A: Y-GIG will have an option to have academic support through programming, but Y-GIG does not offer 1-on-1 tutoring sessions. 

Q: Will the program be starting the first day of school?
A: No, due to finalizing the completion of the new building, the program is scheduled to begin Monday, September 19.

Q: Will transportation be provided back to the feeder school or do I have to pick up my child from Y-GIG?
A: Yes, the bus will be returning back to the feeder schools at the end of the program.  Parents can opt to pick up their child from that location.  Parents also have the option to pick up their child from Y-GIG as well. 

Q: When will I receive my child’s set program schedule?
A:  Once the invoice the has been paid, your child’s youth coordinator will send their program schedule.

Q: Why are some programs only 5 weeks and others 10 weeks?
A: The majority of our programs are facilitated by community members who are volunteering their time. Some of our providers’ schedules could only accommodate 5 weeks of programming. If a child is a full time student, they will need to select two 5 week programs (a first 5 weeks and last 5 weeks).

Q: Does enrolling in Y-GIG guarantee they can travel to Y-GIG on the start date?
A: No, in order to be eligible to be transported to Y-GIG on the start date from the feeder schools, a parent must complete the Y-GIG Enrollment Form, Program Registration Form, and pay the invoice sent by the Logistics Coordinator. Once all these three steps are completed, your child will be added to the transportation roster.