Y-GIG Pricing 

Y-GIG offers a sliding scale rate to accommodate all families. Our program also features an option for families to pay for individual programs, if they cannot attend full-time. Additionally, families have the option of paying monthly or by session.  

For families in levels 1-3 you must submit proof of income. The following are accepted documents:

  1. Two most recent pay stubs.
  2. A letter from current employer stating income.
  3. 1040 US Individual Income Tax Return.
  4. Previous Tax Year Documentation.
  5. Foster Parent Documentation
  6. SSI (Social Security Income)

Please send all documentation to Ashley Davis at adavis@wilsonymca.org or you may drop off documentation at Y-GIG in person. 

Level 4 families do not have to submit proof of income. 

*Families who do not wish to share household income will pay monthly fees at the level 4 rate of $90/Month* 

Below you can find our prices for Y-GIG. 

Y-GIG Middle School After School Sliding Scale Rates: 

Full-Time Session Enrollment ( Total Payment for 10 Weeks Session) 

Individual 10-Week Program rates ($20 per month, per program)